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QbiQ Wall Systems
QbiQ wall systems and glass solutions are distinguishable through their beauty, transparency, and maximum flexibility. They can be easily installed anywhere, meet the strictest sound transfer standards, and are designed with such minimalist features that this enables the factory to effectively utilize all the raw materials used in the production process.

The whole production process takes place at the plant in Alphen aan den Rijn. This ensures that the organization has maximum impact on the logistics and sustainability of the factory activities: they don’t produce any toxic waste, have low water and energy usage, and no raw material wastage. QbiQ implements their own unique recycling methods which ensure that all materials from discarded wall systems can be endlessly reused, without any negative impact on quality. This approached earned them their Cradle to Cradle Bronze certification in 2016.


Marianne van der Sande
Architecten Service QbiQ B.V.

Tel.: 06 136 196 29

Kim Zandbergen
Directeur QbiQ B.V.

Tel.: 088-5010501


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